Patient Portal

Houlton Regional Hospital has introduced a new patient portal that contains information for all visits to our facility from October 1, 2022 forward.   This includes data regarding lab tests, as well as visits to your primary care physician and the emergency department.
The address for the new portal is:

When  you visit Houlton Regional Hospital for any medical service, the registration clerk will request your email address and send you a link to the new portal that will enable you to create an account.  This link is good for 7 days.   After that 7 day period, if you haven’t yet registered you can call our helpline and request a fresh invitation.   Until you’ve visited us post 10-1-22 there would be no health data for you to view on the new site, so it’s not possible to pre-register for the new portal.



Call 521-2514

If you are having difficulty registering for the portal, or have any questions about how to access your patient information, we have a helpline available Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4PM.  Just leave a message and we will respond within 72 hours.  If you have a preferred day or time for us to return your call, just include that in your message. Most calls are returned within an hour or two. It’s worth noting that the return call will not be from the same number you originally phoned.   



Our previous portal, containing info on your visits prior to October 1, 2022 was scheduled to sunset on 12-31-22.   It is no longer accessible.

If you require information on visits prior to 10-1-22, you should contact our medical records department. Call  our switchboard at 532-2900 and they will connect you.