Specialty Clinic

The Specialty Clinic has the privilege of providing local access to specialty health care providers; these are normally found in larger Health Care Centers.  The Physicians and staff work together to provide individualized care to patients of all ages.

The Outpatient Clinics are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. with the exception of holidays.  Appointments can be made by calling (207) 532-4643.  Most clinic physicians require a referral from your Primary Care Physician.  Please call with any questions and ask for Tina Smyth, Clinic Secretary; Karla Brewer, LPN Clinic Nurse; or Nichole Cullinan,  Manager.

The Clinic currently has physicians providing specialty care in the following areas:

This clinic provides care and treatment of medical problems related to the nervous system structure, function, and abnormalities.  The Neurology Clinic is offered six times a month.

This clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and disabilities through a physical means such as rehabilitation.  Dr. Keebler performs EMG’s and Botox injections.  The Physiatry Clinic is offered three-four times a month.

This clinic provides the treatment of children with endocrine problems, including diabetes, thyroid conditions, stature, and other conditions.  The Endocrinology Clinic is offered monthly.

  • Oncology ClinicDr. Arjun Sood, MD

The Oncology Clinic provides follow up care and treatment of cancer patients and patients with blood disorders.  The Oncology Clinic is offered monthly.

The ENT Clinic provides treatment for medical problems related to the ears, nose, and throat, including throat evaluation, chronic ear infections, and sinus problems.  Please call (207) 760-8100 to make an appointment.  The clinic is offered two times a month.

  • Rheumatology ClinicDr. Robert Sylvester, MD

The Rheumatology Clinic provides care and treatment of arthritis, joint, muscle, and bone related health problems.  The Rheumatology Clinic is offered monthly.