Price Transparency

  • I understand the costs and/or fees provided in this tool are only estimates. My final bill may be higher or lower than this estimate for various reasons including but not limited to:  the number of health conditions involved in my care, differences in what my provider may have ordered, unforeseen complications or time spent in the hospital, etc.
  • Any items shown with a 0 or a dash (-) are services we either do not do here or have not done here very often in the past.
  • I understand this is not a guarantee of benefit plan coverage or payment, as this information is calculated from only a sample of claims. Not all plans will be shown in this sample selection.
  • I understand that there may be some services billed by other providers and not Houlton Regional Hospital. Please refer to the listing on our website at
  • Due to product limitations, not all services will include professional level charges.
  • For personal assistance, please call us at (207) 532-2900 or your insurance carrier at the number shown on your card.

Shoppable Services File
Post Date: 6/7/2024
Effective Date: 6/7/2024
Notes for the Shoppable Services File
Houlton Regional Hospital has provided the attached file to assist the consumer in identifying in advance the standard charges associated with 300 services at their facility. The information listed for each service reflects:

  •  Standard Charge
    Actual pricing can vary depending on ancillary services provided, number of days spent as an inpatient, drugs given, time spent in Ancillary codes are either listed as CPT codes or Revenue codes depending on how the services are billed on the claim forms.
    Pricing as of 5/30/24, subject to change throughout the year.  Additional services may be billed separately if performed by outside providers.
  •  Discounted Cash Price
    The charge that applied to an individual who pays cash or cash equivalent.
  •  Payer-Specific Negotiated Charge
    The charge that the hospital has negotiated with a third-party payer for the service.

Reimbursement info as of 6/7/24, contracts renew and change at various points throughout the year.
— 24 of the 70 required CMS shoppable services are not performed at HRH so they are listed as “Services not Performed.”

This information is provided as a guide to determine anticipated charges. The information is not a contractual agreement between the hospital and the consumer. Individual costs will be based on specific services provided. We advise that the consumer consult with their health insurer to confirm individual payment responsibilities and remaining deductible balances.

Click the links below to download the files to your computer. You will then need a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel to search or view them.  We have provided links to two free programs that can read spreadsheet files in the event you do not have Excel.