Price Transparency

  • I understand the costs and/or fees provided in this tool are only estimates. My final bill may be higher or lower than this estimate for various reasons including but not limited to:  the number of health conditions involved in my care, differences in what my provider may have ordered, unforeseen complications or time spent in the hospital, etc.
  • Any items shown with a 0 or a dash (-) are services we either do not do here or have not done here very often in the past.
  • I understand this is not a guarantee of benefit plan coverage or payment, as this information is calculated from only a sample of claims. Not all plans will be shown in this sample selection.
  • I understand that there may be some services billed by other providers and not Houlton Regional Hospital. Please refer to the listing on our website at
  • Due to product limitations, not all services will include professional level charges.
  • For personal assistance, please call us at (207) 532-2900 or your insurance carrier at the number shown on your card.


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