Houlton Regional Hospital 2023 Service Awards

Recognizing 1,085 Years of Service

Houlton Regional Hospital held their annual Employee Recognition dinner Thursday, September 14 at the Lakeside Restaurant.  Sixty three employees representing 1065 years of service to HRH and the community were honored by the HRH Board of Directors and Shawn Anderson, HRH CEO.


5 Years
Lori Weston Health Services Foundation

5 Years:
Lynette McLaughlin-Board President, Annette Ewings, Dr. Maggy Lespinasse, Destiny Prosser, Hannah Dyer, Shawn Anderson

Matthew Brown Maintenance
Destiny Prosser Acute Care Unit
Vicki Goodwin Labor & Delivery
Jeremy Jensen Housekeeping
Laura Marley Admitting
Annette Ewings Housekeeping
Ambre Ouellette Health Information Mgt
Maggy Lespinasse MD Houlton Pediatrics
Hannah Dyer Internal Medicine
Barbara Ireland Acute Care Unit
Shawn Anderson Administration
Eric Rau MD Surgical Associates

10 Years

10 Years:
Lynette McLaughlin-Board President, Taylor Flint, Marcus Crocker, Ben Bell, Shawn Anderson-CEO


Frank Sullivan Materials
Toni Eastham Houlton Pediatrics
Taylor Flint Emergency Department
Marcus Crocker Information Systems
Ricky Cyr Housekeeping
Holly Violette Admitting
Joshua Shields Dietary
Diane Briggs Materials
Benjamin Bell Pharmacy
Reneva Fitzpatrick Social Services
Deborah Adams Health Information Mgt

15 Years:
Lynette McLaughlin-Board President, Casey Quint, Frank Michno, Bob Reece, Sara Carr, Misty Porter, Shannon McCarthy, Shawn Anderson-CEO

15 Years
Matthew Cowan Houlton Family Practice
Helen Dunn Houlton Family Practice
Amanda Ledger Surgical Services
Misty Porter Emergency Department
Sara Carr Labor & Delivery
Robert Reece Information Systems
Missy Tribou Fiscal Services
Clare Tucker Nursing Administration
Shannon McCarthy Emergency Department
Connie Tidd Patient Financial Services
Caroi Hanson Surgical Services
Robert Mosenfelder, MD Houlton OB/GYN
Frank Michno Dietary
Kimberly Lindsay Emergency Department
Casey Quint Rehabilitation Services

20 Years

20 Years:
Lynette McLaughlin-Board President, Janie Liliker, Penni LaPointe, Matthew Lane, Jeff Bouchard, Denise Hannigan, Shawn Anderson-CEO

Jeff Bouchard Surgical Services
Matthew Lane Dietary
Penni LaPointe Admitting
Jennifer Brisley Pharmacy
Janie Liliker Radiology
Saundra Kramer-Clark Patient Financial Services
Denise Hannigan Surgical Services


25 Years

Karen Armstrong Health Information Mgt
Julie DeMaere Patient Financial Services
Deborah Ganzel Labor & Delivery
Beth McFarland Information Systems
Donna Graziano Cardiopulmonary

25 Years:
Lynette McLaughlin-Board President, Donna Graziano, Deborah Ganzel, Julie DeMaere, Karen Armstrong, Shawn Anderson-CEO


Patricia Neptune Laboratory


30 Years

Cynthia York Rehabilitation Services
Susan McLaughlin Radiology
Tamra Hammond Acute Care



30 Years:
Lynette McLaughlin-Board President, Sue McLaughlin, Cynthia York, Shawn Anderson-CEO

35 Years
Jill Lincoln Radiology
Elizabeth Lindsay Respiratory
Conrad Prosser Maintenance
Betty Beaton Patient Financial Services





40 Years

Heleana Nickerson Dietary
Lisa Perfitt Human Resources

35 Years:
Lynette McLaughlin-Board President, Conrad Prosser, Shawn Anderson-CEO

Katherine Russell Laboratory



45 Years
Shirley Winship Laundry



40 & 45 Years:
Lynette McLaughlin-Board President, Shirley Winship (45 years), Lisa Perfitt (40 years), Shawn Anderson-CEO