Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU)

The Ambulatory Surgery Unit prepares patients for surgery/procedures. The preparation begins approximately one week prior to your scheduled procedure at the pre procedure phone call.  The phone calls are scheduled Monday through Friday 12:30 to 3:00pm.

On your pre op/procedure phone call, an RN and an anesthetist will review your health history, medications, and allergies. Please be prepared to provide us a complete list of your current medications. If you have a pacemaker and/or a defibrillator, it is important to provide the information for this implanted device.

On the day of your procedure/surgery, you will register at the front desk, and you will proceed to the ASU (Ambulatory Surgery Unit). The Nurses in the ASU will prepare you for your procedure and answer your questions. After you are prepared for your procedure, we will invite one person, whom you have chosen, to wait with you until the start of your procedure/surgery.

After your procedure/surgery and recovery, you will return to the ASU to be prepared for discharge home. You will be monitored closely until you are fully recovered. You will be provided with written discharge instructions including a follow up appointment date and time with your surgeon (if required). Patients who have received anesthesia/sedation will be required to have a responsible adult drive them home.

A member of the staff will call you on the first business day after your procedure/surgery to see how you are doing.