On August 13, 2020 the Nuclear Medicine (NM) Department at Houlton Regional Hospital had their Radiation Safety inspection. Hospital CEO, Shawn Anderson is pleased to share the report he received from Department Manager Sue Mclaughlin that the N.M. Depart. was found to be in compliance with all State requirements, with no deficiencies found. Anderson states, “Once again I commend this department’s dedication to excellence and hard work.”
The inspection was performed by two Radioactive Materials Inspectors from the Maine Radiation Control Program. The program exists to minimize unnecessary radiation exposure through the licensing and inspection. Due to the materials listed on their license, the N.M. Dept. is required to have an inspection every three years. Alan Abar, the Department’s Certified Nuclear Medicine Technician states the inspection consisted of a thorough review of multiple records:
  1. Examination of records in NM for last 3 years:
    – Quality Control requirements: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually
    – Review of proper patient dosing
    – Review of receipt and shipment of Radioactive Material
    – Review of safe handling procedures and waste handling procedures
    – Review of current hospital procedures
    – Annual camera quality control
  2. Examination of Radiology Department records for last 3 years:
    – Review of Radiation badge readings on all staff
    – Review of Radiation Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
Nuclear Medicine is a specialized area of Radiology that uses very small amounts of radioactive materials to examine organ function and structure. Exams in Bone scans, Hida (gallbladder) scans, Renal scans, Thyroid scans, Lung scans, Liver/spleen scans and most common Cardiolite rest/stress scans.
Gina Brown, RN, Chief Operating Officer also wishes to express her gratitude, “We are so proud of our Radiology Department. This is just another example of quality care by exceptional people.”